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Ribbon uni 25 mm Dark brown

Ribbon uni 25 mm Dark brown
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€1.00 per meter incl. VAT & excl. shippingcosts

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€1.00 per meter incl. VAT & excl. shippingcosts

Samenstelling: 100% Polyester

Breedte: 150cm


Rib fabric or corduroy is one of the most versatile polishing fabrics and is used for casual pants and jeans. Corduroy is made by weaving regular ribs with regular yarns that are cut and roughened. The ribs always run in a chain direction. Thus, the direction of the hint in designing and making clothes must be taken into account. The number of ripples per centimeter determines the appearance and use of the fabric. The less ripples per centimeter, the thicker the fabric. The more ripples per centimeter, the finer the ribbon and the lighter the fabric. There is a huge variety of corduroy fabrics. The most common are: - 8-10 ribs: Overcoat, Jackets and Casual pants. - 16 ribbels: the most commonly used corduroy; trousers. jackets, skirts, gilets. - 21-22 ribs, called stupid baby word: for shirts, dresses or supple skirts. The ribbon shines often. Our rib or corduroy has 21 ribbons per centimeter.
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